Keep It Real – Youth Talk Show

Keep it real (KIR) is an open discussion programme aimed at the youth of today. We address issues that effect the youth in today’s society using the media as a tool. Many of the current programmes on television today in our opinion neglect the youth, especially the ethnic minority groups.

Youths from diverse backgrounds and experiences are given the chance on every show to voice out their opinions and get involved in lively discussions and debates. Each show covers a different topic and is then rounded up by Pastor Alex Gyasi and brought to a close with a performance.

We hope that each show will have a positive impact on the viewers, especially the contributions from the Christian youths to help their peers avert trends in our youth culture today. Pastor Alex Gyasi of Highway of Holiness church, London, started the concept for the ‘Keep it Real’ television show in 2005.

Be a part of our Studio audience!
We need vibrant opinionated youths to be a part of our audience for the new series of KIR. Please use the contact form to send us your details. Please include yor name and your details and we’ll get back in contact with you.

Studio audience

Studio audience

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For all enquireis regarding the KIR broadcast please contact us using the Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours

Alternatively you can contact the Highway of Holiness church office on +44 208 808 4444

Please watch clips of some of our recordings