Highway Newsletter – Volume 1

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Sunday 10th June 2012- Highway of Holiness Church International Day

We are very thankful that God has blessed us with all kinds and creeds of people and so we decided to set a day aside to celebrate the nations represented in our church. Highway of Holiness church started off as a church with a majority of black members who were predominantly Ghanaian. It was our prayer for years that God will give unto us the nations as our inheritance and so International day is a day we use to commemorate God’s answer to our prayer today. The many different nationalities present came as a result of the Highway House project (homeless shelter) set up in August 2009. Where God lead us a church to serve our community by housing people made homeless; and through this we now have so many nations represented in the ministry.

The following nations present are: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuiania, Romania, Poland, China, India, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Nigeria, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Congo, Britain, South Africa, Botswana, Seyshells, Jamaica, Australia and Papau New Guinea. Glory to God! Many of the service users of the project have been able to get jobs and afford living in their own accommodation, many have been baptised and filled with holy spirit and they have integrated into the church, being part of all our meetings and playing active roles such as: controlling the sound, video recording services, playing instruments, singing in the praise and worship team, leading intercession at mid-week and Sunday services and evangelising. On International day we prayed for each country and gave the opportunity for someone from each country to pray or sing in their language for their country. We also shared in each country’s national dish after the service.

Rev. Alex Gyasi’s Mission to Kenya and South Sudan 1st July to 13th July 2012
Rev. Alex Gyasi, embarked on a journey to the nations of Kenya and South Sudan to be a blessing to the people.

Rev. Alex explains that this trip was a trip ordained and orchestrated by God Himself. It all began four years ago when during a Sunday service the congregation were asked to pray for a nation as per the usual custom of Highway of Holiness Church, where each Sunday a prayer is said for a particular nation. On this occasion it was Sudan being prayed for. That very Sunday an email from a Pastor in Sudan was sent to Pastor Alex which he read the following day on Monday. In the email the Sudanese Pastor explained that he saw Pastor Alex’s television programme ‘Missing link’ on Inspiration channel (sky channel 593) and was lead to get in contact with him. Since then Pastor Alex tried on two occasions to go to Sudan but both attempts were unsuccessful due to the issues of war and contentions between the Muslims and Christians in the country at the time. The nation had not yet divided into North and South and the Islamic leadership were preventing European citizens from gaining entry. This year, however, God made it possible; but in making it possible for Pastor Alex to go to Sudan He also had another plan and purpose.
Due to the fact that South Sudan is a new nation, having gained their independence just last year 2011; it has an embassy but it does not yet have a consulate in the United Kingdom so Pastor Alex could not obtain a visa in the U.K to South Sudan.

Therefore, he was left with the choice of flying to either Ethiopia or Kenya to get the visa. He chose to go through Kenya and shortly after making that decision got an email from a Pastor by the name of Dennis Maina in Kenya who came across the church website; to come and minister at his church in a village near the town of Kisii, which is 400km away from Kenya’s capital Nairobi. So Pastor Alex decided to minister at Pastor Dennis Maina’s church in Kenya whilst waiting for his visa to South Sudan, Pastor Maina also took Pastor Alex to the Masai tribe in the most rural parts of Kenya to minister to them.

Pastor Alex also meet with students in South Sudan to talk to them about nation builidng from a biblical perspective and share the gospel The students were from three universities in South Sudan including the largest institution, Juba university. They expressed that their desire is to have a church, be pastored and grow more in the knowledge of God. Out of this great need Highway of Holiness Church has birthed a branch in South Sudan with the students! Praise God!.

Appeal for funds:
The greatest needs identified during Pastor Alex’s trip to South Sudan and Kenya were:
• The need for bibles in particular languages
• A land for the students use as a meeting place of worship and teach children in the refugee camps on; this land will eventually be built on for such activities to take place in.
Cost break down
An immediate need is to buy 400 bibles for our brothers and sisters in Kenya and South Sudan
1. Each bible costs £5.00 from the Bible Society based in Kenya
2. 100 Bibles are needed in Arabic
3. 100 Bibles are needed in Ekigussi
4. 100 English Bibles
5. 50 Masai Bibles
6. 50 Swahili Bibles
7. The total amount needed is £2,000
The Cost of the land we need to buy in £3,000
You can buy 5 bibles for £25.00
You can buy 10 bibles for £50.00
You can buy 20 bibles for £100.00

You can pay this into our account, the details are as follows:
If you are donating Bibles please use ‘Mission’ as a reference and if you are donating towards the land purchase please use ‘Land’ as the reference.
Account name: Highway of Holiness
Account Number: 00174114
Sort Code: 20-46-57
Email: info@highwayofholiness.co.uk
Facebook: Highway of Holiness Christian Love Centre
Number: 020 8808 4444 /079515 03371
Charity No. 1052667